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Gepard GPR

Gepard GPR

Ground-penetrating radar with a laptop by Android
Ground-penetrating radar is talking to detect objects and underground structures such as pipelines , cavities , tunnels , and foundations and the like This ground penetrating radar system uses transmission unshielded sensors with telescopic to penetrate up to a maximum depth of 40 meters Very lightweight , flexible and compact with ground radar , which can be operated by a single user easily Radar ( Radio and resonance detector ) sends electromagnetic signals in the range of 60 MHz to 300 MHz in the ground and waiting for the echo or reflection of reference for the detection of anomalies hidden as follows
buried pipelines , channels and cable
underground walls , basements and concrete Compatible
Almrdoma wells , galleries and trenches and bunkers
The level of groundwater , rivers, and groundwater
secret tunnels and shelters and shelters
hidden cavities , graves and cemeteries
septic tanks , distribution boxes and sewage pipes
buried treasures , statues and bunkers
Many of the amendments are supported to improve the automatic scanning the ground on certain types of soil The operator only needs to adjust one of the level of depth of 16 to start mopping

The survey data is transferred to the ground Gepard ground penetrating radar directly to the tablet computer system Alandroed. Alandroed application system receives data scanning via Bluetooth and displays it on the screen immediately Alandroed application is the integration of the GPS signal to Google Maps and supports automatic filtering. Bladhafah so the operator is able to enter specific observations reminder at a later date about the specific details of the survey. In addition, the automatic filtering capabilities are useful for improving the results of the survey in your field and find the hidden structures and objects buried more easily