About Us

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German Group for Metal Detectors

We are a Kuwaiti established origin; we are classified as one of the best companies in the middle east in the field of metal detecting technology products. our company is specialized in all kind of digital geological devices including the gold, metal, under ground water, underground measuring equipment’s and surveillance devices.
our experience goes back for 25 years ago to become the leaders and the exclusive distributors for the most famous (German, French, American and Russian) international factories by developing a partnership which payed of through the experimental tests which took place in order to give the exact needs the consumers need to produce the most successful devices.


Why us?

Our company provides for all of our consumers the best detecting systems which approved by the most famous international factories and used by the most archeological explorations internationally and locally to explore gold, buried ancient treasure artifacts, Tunnels, catacombs, caves, groundwater and artesian wells.
German Group chose the best international systems which was made by the well-known advanced manufacturing centers and was put in serious scientifically tests to provide the most real filed experiment to make it easier for the consumers to use the products and get the best results.
We developed our devices by the best German and American skilled and efficient experiences to provide the most accurate results to give the consumers and professional geologist the success they need in the field.
We provide for our customers all types and sizes of digital and signal devices for explorations to insure privacy in their adventures Subsequently we insure our products to be very active and accurate in all kind of ground and soils and with the most hard atmosphere for long hours up to 70 continuous hours, we provide heavy duty products that reach high depth penetration in most of the rock types.
All of our products have warranty up po 5 years with after sales service 24/7 through phone calls and emails.

Caution for all our respectful customers

Recently we have noticed that fraud replicant products have been spreading in middle east area by some weak souls who seek physical profit Their replicant has been produced in a primitive way without any real technology and made it a fake trade mark as it was produced in the international factories as America and Europe.
As we were we will remain as international German group the one and only supplier for the international factories in the middle east, for that purpose we made a special division to reveal fraud replicants and a And the electronic investigation department which documented to customers with every detail proving the fraud made by weak souls in order to prevent them to fake our genuine products we will point out their point of sale and who they are and where they sell their replicants and where they market their fake products online because we trust our loyal customer so we are advising you because we believe by your cooperation we can destroy frauds Our sales policy depends on providing a genuine certificate for the origin international manufacturer to prove that our product is genuine with international quality certificate, we insist on customers to test and inspect our products to know its specifications and its warranty along with a training program before they buy the product.

Dear loyal customers: we German group international give you our priority because you are our partners in success in our long journey which we made sure to fight all kind of fraud


Exclusive agents for American and European factories in the Middle East
German Group for metal detectors and prospecting