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Camera seas
Product Description
7" color TFT LCD monitor
Underwater fishing camera with 12 PCS of IR/white LED
Color Sony 1/4 CCD, 20m/30 cable. Camera rotates 360 degree
With rechargeable battery & charger
With plastic CASE
Optional features
With DVR
7 inch High Resolution 50m(select 20M/30M/40M/50M/100M) SONY CCD Video Recording Underwater monitor, luckly fish finder Instruction: Underwater monitor is usually used for fishing, diving, Swimming, Watch the kids swimming, fish in the acquarium, record snorkelling trips, boat trips.
1. Equipped with a cable roller, easy for you using.
2.12PCS white LED lights design, providing a wide underwater vision range (0.5-3m).
3. Portable Operation Battery.
4. With a Charger Box, to protect the battery from being over-charge.
5. With a Power Adaptor, available for you to charge the battery.
6. Packing with suitcase, very convenience for carrying.
7. Waterproof Camera: 20M/30M/40M/50M/100M for offer.
Technical description
Underwater video monitor is usually used for fishing, diving, swimming
Underwater available vision distance: 0.5M-3M
Picture Tube: 7 inch TFT LCD screen
Power input: DC12V(FOR MONITOR)
Power Supply: 12V rechargable battery
Camera: PAL/NTSC
Camera Lens: 3.6mm
Camera with 12 LED lights
Cable avaliable: 20M/30M/40M/50M/100M metres
Resolution: ≥ 600 TV Line
Video Input: Two Channels
Visible Angel: 92 Degree
Cable line: 50M
Input: One channel video and one channel audio
Output: One channel video and one channel audio
Output Format: NTSC/PAL
Recording function: Local storage/video recording
Resolution: 640*480/320*240
Menu setting: Setting by monitor
Menu Display: English/Chinese(Totally 9)
Support(storage): SD card at largest 32GB)
Packing List
1. ABS case
2.7 inch TFT LCD Monitor
3. Underwater Camera
4. Cable with wheel
5. Sunshade
6. Manual
7. Panning camera
8. Battery
9. Battery connect cable
10. Charger