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Brand makro
Research System Imaging + Voice
Underground search Depth 8Meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Turkey

About the device

Deep Hunter Device For Metal Detection

Deep Hunter works with two different systems.

The first system has the ability to detect metals, ground spaces, warehouses, cathedrals and caves within the underground.

The second system is characterized by accuracy and high speed in the detection of small targets and coins

You can cancel the property of iron and start detecting precious metals and jewelry and treasures only

The device Also has a high sensitivity and rapid detection of this type of metals, it reveals the precious objectives of archaeological treasures and precious metals within underground depths of up to 12 meters with its imaging system and the ease of transmission and analysis of images taken for the target

The Features of audio system for metal detection:

It is a fast and deep sound system specially designed for detecting small metals and coins.

It distinguishes between different targets by sound tones.

And it is used to locate individual targets, rough gold pieces in incredible depths and there is an option to choose different alert tones in this system.

The standard scanning disk which is used in this device has two measurements (39X47) – C47 and (26X32) – C32

The C32 disk is designed for detecting coins, jewelry, and other small objects.

You can easily access the depths that you target using the C47 Disc, when you use this disc you can reach deep targets with Ease

In addition, the device is easy to use and it has a high ability to distinguish between metals, this process of distinguishing is being processed through three different tones the first tone is for gold, the other tone is for precious metals and the third tone is for non-precious metals

Device Specifications:

The device operates on multiple scanning systems so that the user can identify the target accurately and these systems are:

(LCD) the imaging system:

This system works with sound indicators and accurate analytical 3D images using a specialized 3D program to analysis the targets images

(LED) the audio system:

This system works with audio and lighting indicators with fast detection feature. And the features of the 3D imaging system

This system enables us to conduct an accurate analysis of the target, with the illustrating of the metal type and name wither it was gold or precious metal, a metal mixture, caves, or spaces.

This mode is designed for amateurs and professionals as it is very easy to be used because of it featured a screen that specifies the target type and its depth as well as illustrating the target shape through Charts on the screen.

With an analysis of the 3D image of the target and the device is operated through two disks, the main disk that Measures (36X44) – T44 used for detecting targets on large depths, and the larger disk that Measures (60X100) – T100 which is used for the High-precision 3D recognition

Parts and components

This fast mode is capable of detecting individual coins, gold ore, and small targets at extreme deep with different audio identification. This mode has two different coils: C32 standard coil (26x 32 cm) C47 optional larger coil (39x47cm) The standard coil C32 allows you to detect the individual coins and the other small targets at exceptional depth. Moreover, with the optional C47 coil, you will easily reach larger objects at greater depth and identify gold, precious and non precious metal with different audio sounds.

Coil C47 (39x47)
Coil C32 (26x32)
Coil T100 (60x100)
Coil T44 (36x44)
Carryy vest
Carry bag for system box
Battery charger 220 V
Big bag for the whole device
Battery 220 V
Vehicle charger 220 V
Guarantee for 3 years
Operating Manual (English and German Version are available)
CD with instructional &operation methods

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English – Arabic

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