Evolution NTX
ايفوليشن ان تي اكس

Evolution NTX

Device name Evolution NTX
Brand okm
Research System Imaging
Underground search Depth 10Meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in German


About the machine


  is the easiest to use geological scanner developed by OKM the German manufacturer

The EVOLUTION device works with the imaging system to reveal the hidden underground treasures and archaeological tombs within underground depths that reach up to 9 meters

The device is made up of a small, lightweight unit

This device is ideal for beginners because it is easy to use as there are direct instructions on the screen explaining how to
work on the device step by step

Device Specifications:

The device works with a 3D ground-based imaging system

The device is easy to use for beginners in the field of gold exploration, buried treasures, and spaces

The device gives quick results of detecting buried objects in the ground in a simple and fast manner

The ability of gold, treasures, caves, and spaces detection and determining its location and depth with very high accuracy

Detecting gold, silver and all kinds of minerals with advanced differentiation system

The device works in all terrain, such as mountain and rugged areas

Telescopic probe with search coil

LED-light for searching in dark environments

Full color display with touchscreen

Live Sound mode with VLF metal detector

3D Scan mode with GST/EMSR scanner

Multilingual user interface

Graphical scan analysis with Visualizer 3D software

Search Systems

Live Sound
This operating mode activates the VLF metal detector to find shallow metal objects like coins, rings and other jewelry. Next to an acoustical output you can also see a simple graphical indication of the signals.

The operating mode Live Sound activates the integrated VLF metal detector to find shallow metal objects under the ground surface.

3D Scan
This operating mode is used to conduct graphical 3d ground scans. All scan data is stored into the device’s memory. Those information can be transferred to OKM’s Visualizer 3D software to generate graphical 3d images of underground objects and structures.

The operating mode 3D Scan is used to conduct graphical 3d ground scans to find very deep treasures. You can also determine depth and size of detected objects.

Parts and components

The main monitor

Charger for the console

3D analysis software

Travel Adapter


Wireless Headphones


Waterproof and shockproof bag

user`s Guide

Explain how to use the device


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German Group Company for the detection of gold, metals and groundwater



Available languages
Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German

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