EXP 4500
اي اكس بي 4500

EXP 4500

Device name EXP 4500
Brand okm
Research System Imaging
Underground search Depth 25Meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in German

 EXP 4500 

About the device

The EXP 4500 Gold Detector is a multifunctional device that is based on underground 3D imaging

EXP 4500 enables you to detect all underground buried treasures up to 25 meters of underground depth

EXP 4500 can identify buried objects, such as ancient artifacts, metals such as gold, silver, etc., even if it was buried very deep.

The EXP 4500 ground scanner is a high-performance device in metal detection

Device Specifications:

Minerals and treasures detection and 3D exploration system

3D target imaging including size and depth

Gold and other great value items detection

The ability to find ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze, and treasures of coins

Determination of caves, tunnels, and spaces

Prospecting for gold, caves, and treasures with several specialized detection antennas

Very lite weight

Fast, easy to operate and use

Immediate interpretation of the target area location

Determine the depth of the target

Ease of use

3 years warranty

German technology

Search systems

Operating modes of the eXp 4500 ground scanner and metal detector

Hidden artifacts are of different sizes and made from different materials. So the treasure hunter needs different operating modes and locating methods to find all of those hidden treasures at various depths under the ground surface.
The eXp 4500 ground scanner is capable of the following operating modes:

Ground Scan is ideal for treasure hunters and archaeologists looking for underground artifacts, treasures as well as historical and archaeological items

Mineral Scan has been integrated for gold prospectors, seekers and miners, who are looking for natural gold and minerals

Tunnel Scan is a specialized mode to detect underground voids, tunnels, cavities and hollow spaces

Pin Pointer assists you in locating the correct position of detected items

Thermo Graph and Thermo Scan are used to detect cavities and underground tunnels by measuring differences in temperature

Magnetometer is helpful to locate ferrous metals like iron and steel

Parts and components

3D software ( “Visualizer 3D” ) with data cable

Control unit
GPR-antenna ( 25cm )
Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter
Super sensor
Telescopic rod assembly
User’s manual
Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
Antenna for tunnel detection
GPR-antenna ( 100cm )
GPR-antenna ( 50cm )
GPR-antenna ( 75cm )

Explain how to use the device



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