فريش ريزولت ذو نظام واحد


Brand Ger Detect
Research System LONG RANGE
Underground search Depth 1200Meters
Warranty 2 year
Made in Germany


About the device
FRESH RESULT device is the best modern German industries to afford the power and ease of use and its small size and accuracy of the results The device has been tested it by processors to prove the quality of their industry before put it on the market 


Device Specifications 

FRESH RESULT the groundwater detector

When you turn on the device you can choose one of the following languages: German – English – French – Arabic

After selecting the type of underground target that you need to search for from the menu, you can choose the front search range by a switch that is used to adjust the desired range

The front range of the device (500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 meters) and the underground search depth of the device reaches up to 600 meters

After the completion of the device setting adjusting and when you start the detection process, the device sends and receives special frequencies to detect groundwater

When a signal is taken, the device will automatically turn to the target, and then the device will move towards the target through the transmitter and receiver antennas

When you reach the center of the target, the device circles around the target directly.

Search system

 long-range system

Parts and components

The FRESH RESULT device main unit

Main processing and setting unit

A screen that includes the device settings menu

 Touch key control panel

 ON/OFF key

Transmitting antenna input

 Receiving antenna input

 Charger input

volt rechargeable battery

 Four antennas for transmitting and receiving

 The 12-volt home charger

Fully shock-resistant Carrying case for storing the device with all of its accessories

 User Catalog in several languages 

 warranty certificate for two years starting the date of purchase

 First class German technology according to international standards.

Explain How to use the device 


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German Group Company for the detection of gold, metals and groundwater

Available languages

German – English – French – Arabic

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