Garrett ACE 400i

Garrett ACE 400i for detection coins and ancient metal burials


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Garrett ACE 400i for detection coins and ancient metal burials




Garrett ACE 400i It is the ideal device for all those who are looking for coins, ancient burials and small pieces of jewelry on shallow depths on the beaches, in rivers and in various lands.


Device Features

Detection of small coins made of gold, silver, copper, and bronze
Find small metal objects, such as ornaments, like rings – bracelets – collars
Find jewelry and artifacts made of gold or silver or other metal
Detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metal minerals.

Adjustable Frequency

Garrett ACE 400i works at a frequency of 10 kHz, which gives better sensitivity to low electrical conductivity targets (such as lead and gold)

However, user can adjust the frequency within the device in a way that reduces the impact of electronic noise or electronic interference caused by nearby metal detectors or industrial electrical fields.


5 Search Modes

The prospector can choose one of five search modes available in the device to suit different situations depending on the terrain and the size and type of targets

Electronic Pinpointing

This non-motion All-Metal Mode function is used to precisely locate a detected target’s position.

Iron Audio

The device includes an iron audio feature so that the device makes a special audio tone when there is a metal target made of iron and thus the prospector can avoid this object before digging and wasting time on scrap and metal waste and focus on detecting valuable objects.

Iron Audio allows to hear discriminated iron (normally silenced) to avoid digging undesired flat iron targets such as bottle caps or washers.

Digital Target Id

The device displays on its screen a special identifier number called the digital target identifier (Target ID), which is a number within the range 0 – 99 related to the electric conductivity of the metal and thus gives the prospector an idea of the buried target where the value changes with the change of the type of metal and with experience and expertise user can know the various targets IDs such as gold.

Depth Indicator

The device contains a depth indicator for coins that gives an approximate value of the target depth in relation to a metal object the size of a small coin and this feature is useful when searching for old valuable coins made of gold and copper for example.

Lightweight Ergonomic design

Garrett ACE 400i is designed according to an attractive and comfortable design, consisting of materials that guarantee light weight, which gives ease in carrying and practical use for a long time

Economic Price

The device is characterized by an economical price suitable for all categories of new prospectors, amateurs and even professionals who want a practical device at a small price.


Search Systems

VLF sound system

5 search modes (with an additional Pinpoint mode)


Device program Functions

400i has new Iron Audio feature, a powerful DD coil, a higher frequency, and volume control headphones.

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Carrying device bag

The main unit of the device

Search dish size 8.5 11 11

Protection plate for search disk

Advanced wireless headset


User`s Manual

2 year warranty certificate

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