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جيو أكزماينر


Device name GEO EXAMINER
Research System
Underground search Depth Meters
Made in

More global devices that have gained great respect and trust in professional prospectors and is one of the most profound global devices
Using system pegs planted in the ground up depth device to 30 meters and has a device on the system scanning tomography GPR allowing the user to watch the goals underlying metal and voids and cavities ground in 2D and 3D binary and three-dimensional with a full analysis of the components of the soil and the proportion of mineral substances
Facility with the program analysis and survey class binary and three-dimensional shows the target image and depth and all the details and the program works directly within the unit of analysis key can also be obtained on the options more complete information about the target or land area surveyed using the computer program, whichis installed on the computer.
Contains several options allow the user to ignore the non-value metals and also ignored surface objects near the Earth`s surface.
Works in all types of soil and highlight the power of the device very well in the rocky land and contains the device type analysis program targeted land and soil research and therefore not affected by any signals resulting from soil rich in mineral or salt.
Works on three systems
Metal detection system and up to two meters of depth
Pulse induction system and up to 6 meters of depth and depends mainly on the size of the target
Geophysical survey system pin planted and up to a depth of 30 meters and can work beginning by 4 pegs and then increase the number of pickets to 22 than wedge provides detection largest space and the depths of more
Greek industry
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