Gold Detector Mega Gold
كاشف الذهب ميغا جولد

Gold Detector Mega Gold

Device name Gold Detector Mega Gold
Brand MEGA
Research System Long-Range Sensor System
Underground search Depth 30Meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in German



    About the device:

    The Mega Gold device is a Sensory system Gold Detector contains four detecting programs for rough gold, gold treasures, silver, and diamonds, it is a German device that has won the admiration and appreciation of many users as it has proved its effectiveness with all merit.

    The Mega Gold 2020 Device Features:

    The Mega Detection German factories have developed the new Mega Gold device, adding new features to be the most suitable for prospectors and treasure hunters to detect gold, gold treasures, old coins, statues, etc.

    Thanks to the long-range sensor system, now the user of the device can explore treasures and minerals for underground depths up to 30 meters And a front search range up to 2000 meters on the ground surface

      Controlling the target with square selection style:

      This method enables the user to locate the target accurately and gives him a better ability to verify the target’s validity.

      The box around the target can be completed with a distance of 200 cm from the center of the target when the user is in the same line with the target and the antennas turn to target.

      The goal of all four aspects is otherwise that there is a possibility that the goal is not real

      A Very important note:

      When using the device to search for the following objectives: Diamonds, precious stones, and platinum

      The deep master unit should be planted into the ground and operated in any nearby random place to make sure that the targets are searched properly and effectively

      Measuring the target depth:

      At the highest point of the goal enter the nails or the pegs from the depth measuring unit about 8 cm in the ground then Adjust the exact frequency on five then Choose the program of the target from the main unit

      Wait three to four minutes Stand on the target and monitor the antennas which are turning to one side and that will be the first point of the signal,

      After moving from the target point you will notice that the antennas will gradually move forward.

      Then Stop when the antennas turn back on one side and that will be the second point of the signal,

      The approximate depth of the target is the distance between the two signal points

      And then at a distance of 45 degrees from the second signal point. The user had to conduct several measurements for measuring the depth more accurately

      the digital voltmeter on the Deep master will show the electrical voltage of the battery and you will hear an increase in the sound vibrations directly.

      In this system, if the user holds the device in a tilted and not vertical way, he may get the wrong result. Therefore, the sensor should be kept vertically at 90 ° angle.

      The User can increase or decrease the magnetic sensitivity according to the terrain conditions using the left and right arrows, and he could also control the speaker’s volume through the button on the speaker cable

      The Target Indicator:

      The targets are indicated by the signal lines to the top, If the signal was weak it means that the target is either small size or its buried far from the soil surface, but If the signal was strong, it means that the target is either close to the soil surface or that it is a large size target buried deep in the underground


      Note: Always check the accuracy of the target after the appearance of a signal on the screen, You must reset the device outside the target location, by long pressing the button in the far right of the control panel, and if repeated signal mean  
      that the target is real with a 100% percent

    Search systems
    The Search Systems of the new version of the MEGA Gold 2019:

    The Mega Gold Device operates by the sensor system through 4 pre-programmed detecting programs to detect

    The sensor system in the Mega Gold device has four search programs which are:

    The buried Gold detection program

    The raw Gold detection Program

    The Silver detection program

    The Diamond detection program

    Parts and components
    All components and parts of Mega Gold device are protected with sponge and placed inside high-quality waterproof bag.

    The bag includes following parts:
    - Main Electronic Unit (System Box) which contains :
      • TFT LCD display screen 
      • Control Panel that contains buttons to adjust settings 
      • Battery (inside system box)
      • Search unit which contains sockets for antennas and signal booster radar
      • Button for laser activation
      • Charging indicator
    - 2 Search antennas (plugged in the front of the rotatable search unit)
    - Signal booster Radar (mounted on the top of the rotatable search unit)
    - Deep Master (the depth measurement unit) comes with 2 antennas and 3 pegs.
    The antennas must be plugged to the two sides of the unit. The 3 pegs must be attached to the unit and then planted in the ground.
    - Durable Lithium battery that lasts for 15 hours of continuous usage and operation.
    - AC charger for charging the battery and Deep Master unit.
    - Travel adapter (Car charger)
    - User Manual 
    - An instructional Training DVD disc about how to use the device.
    - Warranty Certificate from the manufacturer 

      Explain how to use the device



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