جولد هانتر


Device name GOLD HUNTER
Brand Ger Detect
Research System Sensor Scanning
Underground search Depth 35Meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in German


About the device

Gold Hunter  is a remote sensing device for detecting gold, buried gold, diamonds, silver, and underground spaces

The device reaches an underground depths of up to 35 meters and front search rang up 
to 2,000 meters in front of the user

Device Specifications

Now and for the first time in the technology world, the dual antenna,
The new super antenna system is the fastest,
strongest and easiest to discover gold and treasures under the ground
This system is working by spiral system in vast areas that need large distances detectors,
This super antenna consists of two transmission circuit (transmitter and receiver)
that operate in accordance with the principle of ground induction.
The antenna operating: installs super antenna on the device in its own place,
When the device is running, the transmitter circuit sends a signal to the receiver circuit
and the antenna help the device by generating a spiral current (Eddy Current)
That leads to multiply the waves more than 1000 times to able the device covers more areas within seconds.

The underground buried old gold search system

The search system for rough gold, gold veins, gold nuggets, and underground mines.

Underground diamond search system.

The search system for caves, and underground ancient tombs.

The system of searching for underground silver.

GOLD HUNTER is one of the best modern German metal detection technology for its durability, ease of use, small size and accuracy

The device was tested by its manufacturers to prove the quality of their product before introducing it to the market.

Search systems

Sensor Scanning
6 systems

Treasures and gold under the ground search system.

Natural gold and veins of gold and gold nuggets and underground mines search system.

Diamonds underground search system.

Silver underground search system.

Caves and voids and the ancient tombs underground search system.

Gemstones underground search system

Parts and components

The main unit of GOLD HUNTER.

Main processing and setting unit.

A screen that includes the device settings menu.

Touch key control panel.

Switch ON, OFF Key

Transmitted Antenna Input.

Receiving Antenna Input

Charger entrance.

Rechargeable 12-volt battery.

4 Receiving and transmitting antennas

The 12 volt home charger.

Shock resistant Carrying case to hold the full device and its accessories

User manuals in several languages including Arabic.

Two years warranty certificate starting the date of purchase

First class German technology and high quality according to international standards.

Explain How to use the device


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Available languages
German – English – French – Arabic

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