وحش الذهب 1000


Device name GOLD MONSTER 1000
Research System Sound System
Underground search Depth 2Meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in USA




About the machine

Gold Monster 1000 Automatic Gold Detector

  • If you are looking for a highly sensitive gold detection tool at a very good price, this is the perfect device to fulfill what you are looking for!
  • One of The many features of the Gold Monster 1000 device that it is fully automatic. The earth balance is adaptively adjusted to suit all types of soil. The most important feature of the device is that it is waterproof and is not affected by rain, whether the control box or the search plates. It comes with options of search plates, batteries, and adjustable or replaceable hold sticks.
  • Gold Monster 1000 converts the novice and hobbyist prospector into a professional and expert prospector, thanks to the fully automatic operation with ease of adjusting and changing the settings through simple buttons as well as the indicators that give the prospector better knowledge of the possibility of gold existence in the search area or any other less value metals

Device Specifications

  • Until now, there has always been a compromise between frequency and sensitivity when improving the detector performance, because low frequencies are more sensitive to larger gold atoms and higher frequencies are more sensitive to small gold atoms.
  • When comparing detectors, the three curves in the graph represent the ability of each detector to find small sized gold nuggets at the maximum depth possible. Most detectors will find very large nuggets just under the surface, but the detector’s sensitivity to gold determines how many smaller atoms will be recovered in the deep (loud) land at the deepest underground depths.
  • The 18 kHz detector usually has a depth feature on the nuggets greater than (or equal to) 1.0 g compared to the basic mid-frequency detector. The detector will have a 71 kHz detector with a depth feature on the nuggets smaller than or equal to 1.0 g. While the 1000 Gold Monster uses an advanced average frequency of 45 kHz and high-speed 24-bit signal processing. This essential combination greatly enhances gold sensitivity beyond those other VLF detectors on a wide range of seed sizes, without introducing excessive noise and erroneous signals.
  • The 1000 Gold Monster also improves the ferrous/non-ferrous characterization feature and better aligns with the conductive soil of higher frequency detectors, making it the perfect choice for maximizing your gold extraction!
  • Reagent sensitivity comparisons are for representation only. Actual performance will depend on seed size, detector settings, and ground conditions.

    Parts and components

    Ultra-wide dynamic range 45kHz VLF

    Detect Modes

    Gold (Iron reject), Deep All-Metal


    Gold Chance Indicator (high/low)

    Ground Balance

    Automatic (Easy-Trak)

    Noise Cancel

    Automatic (On start-up)

    Sensitivity Adjust

    Manual (1–10), Auto (11), Auto+ (12)

    Volume Adjust

    Manual 1–6

    Visual Display

    Monochrome LCD

    Detector Length

    1382mm–944mm (54.4"–37.2")

    Detector Weight (with10" × 6" coil)

    1.33kg (2.94lbs) (excluding battery)

    Audio Output

    Internal speaker or headphones 3.5mm (1/8")

    Coils (standard)

    GM 10 (10" x 6" Double-D), GM 05 (5" Double‑D)


    Coils waterproof to 1m (3`), Control box rain/splash-proof

    Battery options

    Li-Ion (included), 8 × AA Batteries (not included)


    2 years control box & coil

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