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جي بي اي 1000

GPA 1000

Device name GPA 1000
Research System
Underground search Depth Meters
Made in

GPA 1000

Device Information
The latest German machines professionalism pictorial triple and two-dimensional discovers gold and treasures and ancient relics buried underground and determines the depth of the target with high accuracy Device was developed with the latest technology modern German was addressing all the mistakes that were caused by old hardware is to produce the most accurate technology international German The device works on the program through a rigorous analytical sensors of high accuracy as well as microprocessors facilitate the process of detection and identification of the magnetic field , which might as prepared in the ground Device is equipped sensors and high-performance sensors for the first time is to penetrate the layers of the earth to depths of up to 15 meters uncertain and clearly and accurately The device can detect coins and archaeological treasures , caves and voids floor with giving precise details of the type of target finder GPS metal type , size and depth clearly high
Hardware specifications
GPS Depth (m) and centi- meters Soil automated calibration system High- performance analytical system for imaging and two-dimensional triangular cross- 5 high- precision colors from which to select the types of metals and cavities ground Transfer data wirelessly to a computer via Bluetooth System Cold residents to distinguish between minerals and identified An ideal tool to search after hidden treasures such as metals , currencies and materials of historical value and the precious gold Technical data for the computer integrated Surface and depth of the target centimeter Calibration of the soil automatically The use of high-performance imaging system Automatic calibration is monitored by the processor Calibration data are visible The possibility of storing data within the internal memory stores all operations of photogrammetry which The user photographed image scanning up to 20

-N550 (1.5 GHz) Intel Atom processor
-WSVGA (1024x600) screen
-1GB RAM memory
-250GB HDD: Hard Disk
-Wireless - connect to cable - Reader cards Almimori - USB: Additives
-Accu: Li-Ion, 4400 mAh
-Dimensions: 262 width x 178 X x 36 height mm 9.8 x 7.68 x 1.42
-Weight: kg 1.4
-Windows 7
Parts and accessories
- Coprocessor - Unit Excellence Cold residents - Home Charger - Car Charger - Scanner size 45 cm - Scanner measuring 60 cm - Lithium - Guaranty for two years
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