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One of the strongest and most reliable hardware sensors and systems long-term device is more accurate globally on catching golden goals and sniper treasures and valuables in the ground after up to 400 meters and a depth exceeding 8 meters in land hard and rocky and depths exceeded 15 meters in sandy soil
Characterized My GRAVITATOR select targets by laser sensor system and the one that sets you point target with amazing accuracy and precise measurements without any mistakes in research and measuring how much is present in legacy systems
He holds this startling discovery of numerous awards and certificates from many international research centers and international exploration centers
Of the most important features of the device easy to use - Accuracy - discrimination - to identify and measure the depth and give full details on the target
  • - Main Unit
  • - High-definition screen that shows the data that connect to the target site, identify trends, and also dimension
  • - The laser module to determine the point of aim carefully and after much
  • - Body device manufacturer of materials and a private creditor does not affect the operation of the device and anti-break and shocks
  • - Control keys allergic to determine the size and distance of Search
  • - Find antenna and sensor
  • - Battery Unit and is separate from the device and include the number 4 1.5 volt batteries
  • - Antenna reserve in case of breakage or damage
  • - Bag of aluminum metal waterproof and shock and breakage
  • - U.S. industry