great king 4 S
جريت كينج  4 اس

great king 4 S

Device name great king 4 S
Brand GRT
Research System 4 research systems
Underground search Depth 25Meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany



About the machine
We offer the first device in the world with the latest technology in the world of devices detailed explanation of how to use the entire device, which operates (4) four systems to search and detect gold and treasures buried in the ground up to a depth of 25 meters

Search Systems

System1: Ground Survey System 3D
System 2: The system of discrimination between Metals
System 3:Direct horizontal imaging system
System 4: Direct Vertical Imaging System

1- 3D imaging system
The device takes multiple shots and 3D images of the subjects

2- System of discrimination between minerals
This system distinguishes between metals, gold, precious metals and voids

3-direct horizontal imaging system
This system is characterized by searching behind walls or doors and rocks Direct horizontal imaging system Change the system of the program

4- direct vertical imaging system
The system is characterized by direct shooting in the ground and also characterized by quick search and detection of what was in the ground You can run the direct vertical imaging system from the File menu

Highlight colors:
Red indicates gold
Yellow indicates the mixture of minerals
Green indicates rocks
Gray shows the concrete

Parts and components

The Main Unit
Sensitive Circuit
Connection Circuit
Usb Output
Audio Output
Power Button
Tablet Support
Hand Shake
Scan Button
Super Sensor
The Charger
warranty card of the device is accompanied by a device number special
educational video for sponsorship and education fees

Explain how to use the device

We are pleased to be the exclusive agent for GRT global products to offer you the advantage of the field experience on the device to show you the latest German technology 
Plus we offer free shipping service to all countries
With regards
German Group Company for the detection of gold, metals and groundwater
Available languages
english - arabic 

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