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Jeosonar 3D SYSTEM Is A System Which Has Been The Dream Of Both Amateur And Professional Users For Many Years And Which Are Equipped With Lated Tecjnology And Able To Meet All The Expectations Of The Consumer.
This System Which Has A Unique Depth With Its Searchcoil Effectiveness Up To 6-8 Meters Is An Unrivaled Detector In Its Class With Its Metal, Cave, Tunnel And Underground Cities Detection Capability, Superior Metal Discrimination Feature And Real Time3D Target Dignal Graphics Result Screen.

Large Colorful Screen (5,7"), Surface Recognition And Automatic Surface Adjustment, High Accuracy In Metal Discrimination, Superior Software Which Related Target Signal With The Shape, Target Report And Target Result Screens Which Display The Diameter And The Depth Of The Target With Colorful Graphics.
Jeosonar 3D System Which Has Standard General Searchcoil Can Be Used With Deep Searchcoil (Optional) Based On Demand. With Its Standard Searchcoil Which Has A Dimention Od 360 X 440 You Can Have Perfect Results Bot Surface And Depth Searches. Especially For The Metals Which Have Been Under The Ground For Many Years, You Will Explore The Depths Which Noone Has Searched Before With The Standard Searchcoil Which Has Detection Are Of Between 6 And 8 Meters.