ميغا جي 3


Device name MEGA G3
Brand MEGA
Research System Long-Rang Sensor Scanning System – Ionic System
Underground search Depth 40Meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in German



 About the device


The latest technology in the world in the field of detecting gold, minerals and treasures, through high-precision technology specialized to detect raw gold nuggets, natural gold veins, manufactured gold, gold treasures, burials and silver with high precision exploration in all terrain and difficult terrain


Search Systems

The device is ranked in the first place globally from all German and international bodies for exploration and exploration.





The MEGA G3 system is equipped with the advanced triple system comprehensive scanning system and long-range exploration through high-precision electronic sensors and sophisticated sensors manufactured for the first time, in addition to providing the electronic unit in the device with 8 filters made of pure gold to determine the gold metal from the farthest distances and 100% confirmation without occurrence Any mistake caused by mineral rocks or highly mineralized lands such as basalt lands

These filters determine the accuracy of the signal and filter and confirm its existence from distances ranging from 100 meters up to 2000 meters for the front range and up to depths of 40 meters in the ground with accurate determination of the size of the target and the strength of the existing signal through the analytical program built into the system MEGA G3


By using Mega G3, the user can search for the following 8 targets: 
• Gold Treasure
• Gold
• Silver 
• Bronze
• Copper
• Cavity
• Gemstones
• Diamond



Mega G3 include a unique Ionic Scan system used to detect ionic radiations emitted from long time buried gold treasures and ancient artifacts in the ground. 
Generally every metallic object buried underground has ionic field around it, and the radiations emitted from this field are increased over time. 
Thus, the longer the body is buried underground, the greater the ionic field around it. 
Mega G3 can detect emitted ionic fields radiations from long distances, using powerful Mini Sensor which recive radiations and convert it to an audio signal and display indicator on the screen. 


The MEGA G3 is manufactured from high-quality materials, plastics and solid electronic panels that are not affected by the heat or cold.

The device is equipped with a user guide to get started, making it easier for the user to work on the device

Just select the search area to explore and explore, and the device identifies the gold within less than 20 seconds from the start of work distances from 250 meters up to 2000 meters for the front range, with automatic ground balancing feature, with the ability to explore in all terrain Of rocky lands, plains, mountainous lands and agricultural clay

The Mega G3 is designed to suit all researchers and prospectors.

The MEGA G3 operates on upgraded lithium batteries, which can be easily charged, providing between 20 and 15 hours of use.


This new technology included with the device. Laser Locating System is used to determine the right direction of the detected target from a long distance and help the user locate its direction visually 
The device is characterized by a system to determine the depths to be searched before hand easily before working on the device, in addition to the feature of the target from the front range by selecting the search distance to be detected accurately according to the existing area and to be explored whether it is mountainous or plain or rivers or land inside Specific buildings.

 As shown

     the deeps

     from zero to 5 meters

     from zero to 10 meters

     from zero to 15 meters

     from zero to 20 meters

     from zero to 30 meters

     from zero to 40 meters

     Front Spacing

    from zero to 250 meters

    from zero to 500 meters

    from zero to 750 meters

    from zero to 1000 meters

    from zero to 1500 meters

    from zero to 2000 meters 


     Parts and components

- The main unit manufactured from the best types of plastic in Germany and internationally and equipped with high-quality electronic switches

- Color LCD screen high resolution and clarity and is not affected by the sun or natural factors of the weather

- Radars identify and track targets for high quality, solid and unbreakable number 4 Sensors

- A system of radar sensor to penetrate the ground with a length of 1.20 contains 8 high-quality accurate sensors to penetrate rocks and hard lands with all the accuracy

- High quality home charger

- Car charger for the car

- Lithium battery works up to 72 hours of continuous work

- Training CD in Arabic, German, English and French

- Catalog and user manual in Arabic, German, English and French

- Bag of all the contents of the device and is one of the best bags German and international


Explain how to use the device

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German Group Company for the detection of gold, metals and groundwater



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