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Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro is one of the most powerful professional devices



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Mega Scan Pro is one of the most powerful professional devices



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100% MONEY


Mega Scan Pro is one of the most powerful professional devices





It is the most powerful gold and metal detector, specially developed to meet the needs of gold and precious metal miners around the world.

The Mega Scan Pro is one of the most powerful professional devices suitable for all metal detection and exploration activities in different terrain.

It is a versatile device with three advanced search systems to help you discover all the minerals such as gold, silver, bronze, platinum, diamonds, precious stones and other treasures.

In addition, cavities such as tunnels and hidden rooms underground can be detected.


Device Features

The famous German MEGA Group has manufactured this high-tech professional system to be the fifth generation of distinctive versions and high-precision innovations over the past 30 years in the world of manufacturing of geological detection and exploration and technology worthy of being called the Golden Age for the manufacture of gold and metal detectors and treasures

– MEGA SCAN PRO is manufactured from high quality and solid materials, plastics and electronic panels and is not affected by the heat or cold

– The device has been provided with a user manual at the beginning of operation to make it easier for the user to work on the device only by selecting the search area to be explored and prospecting. Automatic land with professional ability to explore in all terrain of rocky lands, plains, mountainous lands and agricultural mud

– Easy to use as the device is seamlessly designed in the handle with a high-resolution LCD color control panel, in addition to an easy-to-use control program for both individuals who are using the system for the first time or for professional engineers and specialists, or for exploration experts , geologistes and exploration companies.

– The device is characterized by a system to determine the depths to be searched in advance easily before working on the device in addition to the advantage of determining the goal of the front range by choosing the search distance to be detected accurately by the existing area and to be explored, whether mountain or plain or valleys or land inside buildings Specific.As shown

the deeps

Depths start from zero to 5 meters

Depths start from zero to 10 meters

Depths start from zero to 15 meters

Depths start from zero to 20 meters

Depths start from zero to 30 meters

Depths start from zero to 40 meters

Front Spacing

Forward distances starting from zero to 250

Forward distances starting from zero to 500

Forward distances starting from zero to 750

Forward distances starting from zero to 1000

Forward distances starting from zero to 1500

Forward distances starting from zero to 2000

– One of the most important systems in the device is the electronic balancing system of the ground through automatic calibration can cancel the wrong signals and noise and noise caused by mineral lands rich in minerals and hard land and rock and all the terrain affected by traditional devices to be the system Mega Scan Pro professionally developed first world without a competitor and The true miracle among all gold and metal detectors, precious treasures, spaces and caves


Search Systems

The device is ranked in the first place globally from all German and international bodies for exploration and exploration.






The Mega Scan Pro system is equipped with the advanced triple system comprehensive scanning system and long-range exploration through high-precision electronic sensors and sophisticated sensors manufactured for the first time, in addition to providing the electronic unit in the device with 8 filters made of pure gold to determine the gold metal from the farthest distances and 100% confirmation without occurrence Any mistake caused by mineral rocks or highly mineralized lands such as basalt lands

These filters determine the accuracy of the signal and filter and confirm its existence from distances ranging from 100 meters up to 2000 meters for the front range and up to depths of 40 meters in the ground with accurate determination of the size of the target and the strength of the existing signal through the analytical program built into the system Mega Scan Pro



The ion system is based on the scientific basis of the properties of the metal and its chemical composition and the rank of the metal in the periodic table of metals, because each element has its own ion fields.

The ion scanning system enables the user to capture a signal for these ionic fields from long distances, and can alert the user in case of approaching them.

This system is used to detect long-buried gold, coins, archaeological statues.



Mega Scan Pro has a unique, sensitive magnetic system

It is used to detect magnetic minerals such as iron and steel, as well as to detect underground cavities such as archaeological chambers and hidden tunnels

It is built on a scientific basis and signals from metal are converted to acoustic signals that can be heard clearly

By using Mega Scan Pro, the user can search for the 10 following targets:
• Gold Treasures
• Gold Nugget
• Silver
• Bronze
• Copper
• Iron
• Platinum
• Cavity
• Gemstones

• Diamond


Device program Functions

The powerful metal detection technology in Mega Scan Pro, was classified in first ranks globally by German and international organizations working in field of gold mining and metal detection.
Mega Scan Pro is the best specialized device. It has been developed exclusively to detect various types of metals, gold, diamonds and cavities underground, with powerful features and reliable results.
Mega Scan Pro works using high-precision frequencies to identify all different kinds of metals in all types of soils and terrain.
The device has been manufactured using high quality plastic materials. Its electronic circuits are not affected by heat or coldness.

Mega Scan Pro has a simple easy-to-use multilingual graphical user interface that is available in 8 international languages.
The user can select one of them from the Languages menu when the device is turned on. The device will still work in this language even after the shutdown and restart.

Available Languages are :

German – English – Russian – French – Spanish – Persian – Turkish – Arabic

When the device is turned on, the high-resolution colored screen will display all settings and options like selecting the language, selecting the search system, and then specifying the target type to be detected.

This new technology included with the device. Laser Locating System is used to determine the right direction of the detected target from a long distance and help the user locate its direction visually.

The device works using durable lithium-ion batteries. It can be easily charged and it provides between 10-15 hours of continuous operating time. The customer can request additional batteries . The device is also provided with the a normal charger and travel adapter .



– The main unit manufactured from the best types of plastic in Germany and internationally and equipped with high-quality electronic switches

– Color LCD screen high resolution and clarity and is not affected by the sun or natural factors of the weather

– Radars identify and track targets for high quality, solid and unbreakable number 4 Sensors

– A system of radar sensor to penetrate the ground with a length of 1.20 contains 8 high-quality accurate sensors to penetrate rocks and hard lands with all the accuracy

– High quality home charger

– Car charger for the car

– Lithium battery works up to 72 hours of continuous work

– Training CD in Arabic, German, English and French

– Catalog and user manual in Arabic, German, English and French

– Bag of all the contents of the device and is one of the best bags German and international


Click Here To Download Catalogue in English

Click Here To Download Catalogue in German

Click Here To Download User Manual

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