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Device name PLUS STAR PRO II
Research System Sound System
Underground search Depth 8Meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in German


About the device

Plus Star Pro 2 the Treasure and metal detector and Metal

The PLUS STAR II PRO device has been equipped with the latest German technology to detect metals and treasures at depths of up to 8 meters underground using the accessories of the device, which was manufactured with high-precision technology to give real and confirmed results


Device Specifications

Plus Star pro  is a professional gold detecting device that operates through the pulse system.
It is distinguished by its ease of use, also by distinguishing between the metals in different colors, which appear on the screen of the device. The red color indicates gold, precious metals, and the green color indicates the iron and the non-precious metals
Im proved interference immunity 
More detection depth 
Increased dynamic range of the signal 
Improved metal discrimination
Very stable tuning, no drifting
Less power consumption, increased operating time 
More accurate battery condition measurement
Less weight
Automatic power off when the battery is low
Enclosure of the electronics unit and leather bag with snap fastener to hold the elec tronics unit in the bag

The device on/off switch and control volume

A key to control sensitivity and soil calibration

Key to select the detection sound with 3 different options

A key to control the ringing volume

The indicator light in red indicates the presence of gold and precious metals and the indicator light in green indicates iron and non-precious metal

Indicator to see the battery charge level

When the red color appears when charging the device, the battery is full

When the green color appears when the device is charging, the battery is empty

Search systems
sound system
two modes

Normal mode
The PULSE STAR II PRO has the highest sensitivity for detecting objects in this position. No motion of the search coil is necessary to get area - ding. Although adjusting the tic krate is possible in this position, the switch should be held in the RETUNE position as described above for the initial set ting of the tickrate

Silent mode
There is no ticking noise or continuous audio sound in this mode. Instead, a low or high pitched tone can be heard, depending on the object`s properties. In order to get an indication, movement of the search coil is required. The sensitivity is lower (approximately 60 to 80% of the normal detection depth) while operating in the SILENT mode. See normal detecti on depth) while operating in the SILENT mode .

Parts and components

Black plastic hard bag

An electronic unit with a luxurious leather case

Adjustable shoulder strap

A holder of the waist to lock the bag

A 230-volt charger is available at 130

User Guide in Arabic – English – German – Turkish – French

Full device pipes with pipes mounts which is integrated with the leather bag with the shoulder strap


Explain How to use the device


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Available languages
English - German 

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