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Rover C4 is a best new 3D imaging technology to find golden treasures


25 meter

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Rover C4 is a best new 3D imaging technology to find golden treasures

also a precious metals underground with accurate results and great detection performance.


Device Features

The Rover C4 3D Gold detector is easy to use as it is integrated with a touchscreen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry, etc.), as well as hidden foundations (tunnels, caves, catacombs, graves, etc.).

The detector is also equipped with an innovative Orbit LED, which visually points to objects underground while scanning the ground and sends a colored light to visualize detected metals and cavities

Elements that could be detected found using the 3D Rover C4 ground scanning device:

Treasure boxes, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, old statues, and public valuables

The underground spaces of the tunnels, tombs, rooms, cellars, catacombs, caches, and shelters

Natural gold minerals

Gold ore, gold deposits, and gold veins

Rover C4 is a perfect gold detector device that used

for underground cavities detection

such as caves, tunnels, chambers, bores and graves.

Rover C4 has a simple user interface the can be operated either

via touch screen or hardware buttons available in control unit,

also the device is equipped with new innovative LED orbit that emit

a light with different color to indicates underground targets visually.


Search Systems

– 3D Data Analysis via Visualizer 3D software

The data that probes collect by performing scan

using standard probe and super sensor in ground scan mode

or mineral scan mode may be transfer to any computer or laptop

with installed Visualizer 3D software.

so a user can make detailed three-dimensional analysis of buried targets underground.

Visualizer 3D software program let the user see the 3D graphical

re-presentation of buried underground objects visually

with different color that belong to every object type,

for example he can know that specific object is precious metal

such as gold or silver by its reddish color.

It is easy to know all details about the buried targets

such its exact position and depth or approximate shape

just by using controls in 3D software.

Rover C4 gold & metal detector has four search modes.

that can be used for different detection applications and tasks:

1 – Ground Scan Mode:
The “Ground Scan” operating mode allows a detailed 3Dd graphical measurement

of any area for later analysis on a computer.

then to perform the measurement you can either use the Standard Probe or the Super Sensor

2 – Mineral Scan Mode:
This mode is used for prospecting for mineral deposits or other naturally occurring minerals

or formations located in the ground, it is important to work in a clean environment, free of debris.

3 – Magnetometer Mode
In operating mode “Magnetometer” you can research the area in regard to ferromagnetic metals.

Primarily this function is an acoustical mode;

so it only generates a very rough graphical representation

on the display to visualize the highs and lows

You can use the Standard Probe as well as the Super Sensor

for this operating mode.

By using the high resolution Super Sensor you can obtain

a much deeper penetration depth.

4 – Pin Pointer Mode
As the name “Pin Pointer” already indicates,

it allows you to pinpoint potential targets more precisely.

Furthermore you have the possibility to distinguish between ferromagnetic

and non-ferromagnetic metals.

This operating mode can only be used with the Super Sensor.

You cannot use the Standard Probe.


Device program Functions

– Touch Screen
The touch screen is a unique feature of Rover C4 that make easy to operate

the device in search fields and adjusting its settings also, such as scan modes and other settings,

with easy to learn multilingual graphical user interface with simple menu system

Additional information


25 meter

Made in





5 Years




11 Lang's

3D Program (“Visualizer 3D”)

Control unit

Power Pack incl. Charger and travel adapter

Standard Sensor with LED orbit

Super Sensor with LED orbit

USB Bluetooth

Waterproof and shock resistant carrying case

A Windows-based Tablet PC

Wireless Headphones (Bluetooth)

Carrying tube

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