Teknetics G2
تكنتكس جي تو

Teknetics G2

Device name Teknetics G2
Research System Sound System
Underground search Depth 1 مترMeters
Warranty 5 year
Made in USA


About the device
Teknetics G2 metal detector:

Simple and easy-to-use device with underground search depth that is limited to one meter.

Stylish design and comfortable for hand and wrist.

Specialist for the detection of precious metals, gold ore, and mines.

The device gives information about the target on a digital screen.

The display shows 8 indicators for the detected target.

Determines the depth of the detected object.

Deals with smart technology to determine the objectives and its depths.

High sensitivity to the detected target.

Elimination of interference of different electromagnetic effects of soil.

The signal strength of the device increases and penetrate the soil as the different effects and electromagnetic interference increases.

Insulate the target in a smart way so that the target is confined in a narrower place to determine its location accurately.

Battery working for 40 hours continuously and firmly.

All indicators and readings appear on the screen and in detail.

Device Specifications

The weight of the device is 1.6 kg

The signal frequency strength is 13 kHz.

The sensitivity of the device is 5 × 10 9 Hz.

The delay factor is 0.07 seconds.

LCD screen.

Works on 4 AA batteries.

Length: 53 inches / 5, 44 inches.

Made in USA

Search systems
sound systems

Two modes

All metals mode
Disc mode

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