Choosing the best metal detectors

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Choosing the best metal detectors

Choosing the best metal detectors


It is an important choice for the best metal detectors for searching for gold and archaeological treasures.
German Group Company is the exclusive agent for major international companies specialized in manufacturing gold detectors , metal detectors, and groundwater detectors. It provides a team of specialized engineers that helps you acquire the best devices to achieve the best results, with continuous explanation and training, after-sales service, and a full golden guarantee.
In this article we help you by following some guidelines to maximize your chances of detecting gold.


Tips for choosing the best metal detectors

1. Understand the types of detectors

Learn about the different types of metal detectors, including VLF and PI detectors.

Each type has its strengths. VLF detectors are versatile and best for small gold,

While PI detectors excel in depth and handling of mineral soils.

2. Consider the frequency range

Choose a detector with adjustable frequency settings.

Higher frequencies are more sensitive to fine gold, making them ideal for prospecting in areas known for fine gold deposits.

3. Ground balance assessment

Choose a detector with reliable ground balance capabilities.

This feature helps reduce false signals caused by metallic ground,

Allowing you to focus on your original gold targets.

4. Study the distinguishing features

Give priority to models with effective highlight settings.

Discrimination helps distinguish between valuable targets like gold and common trash items,

Which saves time and effort.

5. Read comments and ask for advice

Search and read reviews from experienced prospectors.

Seek advice from reliable sources to understand how different detectors perform in different gold-rich environments.

6. Choose the best company 

There are many gold and metal detector companies, but the German Group Company is the best company in the Middle East that provides the best gold, metal and groundwater detectors.

It provides after-sales services, a full golden guarantee, and shipping to all countries


The best metal detectors


Mega Scan Pro new edition

It is the latest version of the German company Mega Detection, a gold and antiquities detector equipped with six search systems.

It was developed specifically to meet the needs of gold and precious metal prospectors around the world

The new German device contains 6 search systems, reaching a depth of 50 meters and a front range of 3000 metres.

mega scan pro new edition


Gold Vision

The latest gold and metal detectors with 6 search and exploration systems

The latest version of GeoGround is the Gold Vision gold and metal detector with modern and advanced technologies.

It has many features and is easy to use for detecting and prospecting for metals and buried treasures of various kinds.

gold vision


Gold Star 3D Scanner

The most powerful, practical and professional device that is easy to use for beginners and professionals

For prospecting for gold, buried treasures and archaeological tombs.

An integrated device with multiple functions and uses

It combines a professional metal detector with a 3D ground scanning device

With high-quality performance in all natural terrains and accurate, reliable results.

gold star 3d scanner



The best gold and metal detector in the world with advanced technology and a search depth of up to 40 meters underground.

3 search systems [ground survey – live broadcast – target location or Pin Pointer]



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