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Pulse Nova is the latest and most powerful metal detectors with pulse induction system, one of the products of the German OKM factory.


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Pulse Nova is the latest and most powerful metal detectors with pulse induction system, one of the products of the German OKM factory.




Pulse Nova is the latest and most powerful metal detectors with pulse induction system, one of the products of the German OKM factory.

Device Features

Detection depth up to 3 m (9.8 ft) Depth Performance at a glance
Fast scanning of large areas
Easy localization of objects (Pinpointing)
Also suitable for use in densely vegetated areas
Also suitable for use on heavily mineralized ground (including salt water)
Ignores most unwanted small items like aluminum foil
Interchangeable search coils
Waterproof search coils for gold prospecting in shallow waters

The Pulse Nova can reach tremendous depths thanks to the applied pulse induction method. Pulse induction (PI) offers key advantages over other measurement techniques to enable these detection depths:

The search coil of the PI metal detector can be enlarged as desired. The larger the coil of the metal detector, the more search depth is possible.
The working principle of the detector enables a particularly high transmission power, so that objects can be detected at greater depths.
The deepest possible detection of metal objects in the ground always depends on factors such as the size and position of the objects and the nature of the ground. These factors apply in general, i.e. to all metal detectors:

The larger the object, the deeper the metal detector can detect it.
The longer the object has been underground, the better it can be detected. (Halo effect)
The larger the coil of the metal detector, the deeper objects can be detected.
Conductivity, shape and position of the object are decisive for the accuracy of detection.
The soil composition and soil layers influence the measurement depth.

Search Systems

How the PI Metal Detector Works
Simply switch on the metal detector, start walking and swivel! But that’s just where the real work begins in the Pulse Induction Detector. After plugging in the desired coil, the Pulse Nova automatically identifies it and starts the appropriate processes for your successful treasure and gold search.

How the PI Detects Metal Objects
The Pulse Nova pulse induction detector follows the principle of a time-controlled oscillator that uses an alternating current to generate a magnetic field in a coil. This is sent into the ground and generates an eddy current and thus a reaction in the buried metal object. The resulting electrical conductivity in the metal object is detected by the Pulse Nova as a “disturbance” – i.e. an anomaly – and reported by acoustic signals.

In this way, jewelry made of precious metals such as gold and silver, but also ferromagnetic objects as well as natural gold minerals and gold nuggets can be detected directly.

PI metal detector with headphones
Targeted Search with Pulse Nova
Thanks to the way it works and the different coils, treasure hunters can focus well on their target objects: With the large search coil as well as the frame coil, small objects such as bottle caps, pull tabs and small pieces of aluminum foil can be ignored. But beware: Even single coins cannot be displayed when using the large search coils! Depending on the application and target object, make sure to select the appropriate coil:

Large search coil, large magnetic field: mainly larger metal objects can be found.
Small search coil, small magnetic field: Smaller objects can also be detected.

Device program Functions

The Pulse Nova PI detector is supplied with a telescopic rod. This has an adjustable armrest so that the metal detector lies comfortably and balanced in your hand. The length of the linkage can be adjusted.

In just a few simple steps, a control unit and a flashlight can be attached to the telescopic rod at the top. At the lower end, the desired search coil is attached. Only the frame coil is not used with the rod.

Once the metal detector has found an object, it is time for pinpointing: First, with slow sweeping movements above the object, the exact position is determined. Gradually narrow down the point of the anomaly by continuing to slowly swing the metal detector from different directions over the detected anomaly. An intense audio signal indicates the exact position and size of the object.

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1x Control Unit with Carrying Strap
1x Telescopic Rod
1x Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
1x LED Flashlight
1x Charger
1x Travel Adapter
1x Search Coil 38 cm
1x OPTIONAL Search Coil 18 cm
1x OPTIONAL Frame Coil with Shipping Tube
1x Quick Start Guide

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